Pricing & Process

Inline Equine is completely unbiased to your saddle selection, the right saddle will be right for the rider and right for the horse. For a good fit, you must be comfortable riding in your saddle and the horse must feel free to move under the weight of the rider and saddle combined. There are countless saddles available to try, each slightly different in width, design and purpose. Naomi has an agreement with both Horse & Co Dayboro and Sandale Saddlery (Sunshine Coast) where she is able to pick up any of the saddles they have in stock and try them on your horse for you. As standard we will check the fit of up to (2) two saddles (dressage, jump, western etc).

It is recommended to have the fit of a saddle checked on a regular basis. The horse’s back will continue to change and develop according to its age, feed, training and health. These changes can affect the fit of your saddle and minor alterations are needed to maintain best fit.

Saddle Fit: 

Full saddle fit $175 inc GST – up to 2 hours – plus any additional items required such as shims/flock/gullets etc

3 monthly saddle fit check & adjustment $120 inc GST – up to 1 hour – plus any additional items required such as shims/flock/gullets etc

Body work:

Full body work $120 inc GST – up to 1 hour


Full saddle fit/ Full body work combination $250 inc GST – up to 3 hours – plus any additional items required such as shims/flock/gullets etc


The standard saddle fitting cost applies in the Brisbane area (30km from CBD)

For other areas an additional travel fee of $10 per 30 mins travel applies

What happens during a saddle fit: 

On average it takes between 1 to 1.5 hours to complete a fitting and Naomi can fit up to 2 saddles per appointment. If you require more saddles to be fitted or assessed just let us know and we can allow additional time. Please be prepared and ready to ride for the fitting. This allows Naomi to assess the saddle under rider weight, which is a very important element of the saddle fit.

Ensure your horse is clean, un-rugged and with a bridle in close proximity and you are wearing riding clothes including closed in shoes and a helmet. An arena is not necessary, just somewhere you can walk and trot, and canter if you are comfortable.

Naomi will measure the horse, check for any issues and record all details on her report. She will then assess the saddle, make changes as necessary and ask you to try it out.

For more detailed information, see our blog here.

If you have any question please get in touch via our Facebook page or submit your questions through our contact form.


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