Saddle Fitting

Inline Equine offers a truly independent saddle fitting service – rather than selling you a saddle, Naomi is absolutely neutral, and just wants to find the saddle, or the adjustment, to fit your horse.

  • Saddle fitting should be conducted every 6 – 12 months, with the variance based on:
  • How often your horse is worked
  • The kind of work they do
  • Their age
  • Their lifestyle (24/7 paddock? Stabled? A combination?)

Each of these factors will influence how your horse’s body changes through the year, which is why saddle fit check ups are a good idea for your horse’s comfort and performance.

To the intrained eye, a saddle can look ok – but on closer inspection, Naomi often finds points that are digging in, pinching or causing pressure spots. A well-fitting saddle can be the difference between ok or even varied performance, and greatly enhanced performance and movement. A saddle fit is a good way to help your horse be the best they can be!

Do you really know what’s inside your saddle?

Curious to understand exactly how each saddle fits, and how every part intr=eracts with your horse, Naomi has carried out a number of saddle disections. With that experience under her belt, she’s able to diagnose problems (such as a broken or cracked tree, which can be painful for your horse) on your saddle from the outside.